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  • A Staple For Your Home: Whether you get thirsty during the night or you want to impress your guests, the RAKLE bedside carafe and glass set is a must-have for you! This superb water carafe can prove very handy when you want to quench your thirst during the night while adding a touch of finesse to the décor!
  • High-Quality Materials: Our water carafe is crafted with high attention to detail with high-quality glass, having thick walls for sturdiness and durability. The glass is lead-free, non-toxic, and safe, but also very easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • Convenient Set: The mouthwash container measures 23.6oz and it’s designed with a narrow neck for easy handling and firm grip. The bedside carafe comes with a 7.4oz drinking glass cup lid, so you can quench your thirst with ease and keep track of your water intake at the same time.
  • Extremely Versatile: The bedside water carafe is super handy and versatile, as you can keep it on your nightstand, in your bedroom, bathroom vanity, living room, kitchen, office, workplace, for drinking water, serving lemonades, juices and other refreshing beverages, or keep your mouthwash at hand.
  • Choose Your Favorite: The RAKLE glass carafe collection comprises a large variety of designs for all preferences and tastes. From simple and minimalist, to colored and inspirational, our glass water carafe is here to keep you hydrated and enrich your home décor at the same time!

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