Peter Pettigrew’s Wand – 13.5″ long. 
This is a quality authentic prop reproduction wand beautifully hand crafted of real wood, carved and stained with great care & detail by an individual wand maker. Because it is hand made of real wood, each wand is unique and slightly different than any other but still true to the authenticity of this wand’s design. Comes with a quality Ollivander’s style collector’s box (as seen in listing picture). 

This wand is for the first design release of the wand for Wormtail. Later another version became the one used & CG’d in the films so this one is an extremely RARE hard to find collectible and limited wand. Perfect for any true Wizarding World of Harry Potter fan’s collection.
    “Chestnut and dragon heartstring. Brittle. I was forced to make this shortly after my kidnapping, for Peter Pettigrew.”     — Garrick Ollivander

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