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All narration (i.e., audiobooks, character acting) includes: recording, revisions, editing, mastering, and lifetime use.  The client may choose the opening and closing credit formats, as well as the increments in which to have the talent submit to the client for review.    All narration defaults to asynchronous (i.e., record and submit for client review) recording.  The client may request synchronous (i.e., via SourceConnect) recording sessions for projects that can be recorded in 60 minutes or less.  (A quote is required for synchronous sessions greater than one hour for the full project.)  Audio files are available in MP3 and/or WAV format, per client preference.

Steps to Book:*

  1. Select voice over option and add to cart.
  2. Complete form below and select “BOOK NOW!”
  3. Go to cart and complete payment.
  4. Look for email about project initiation and completion plan.

*For narration projects that are: (a) greater than 11 finished hours (i.e., > 102,300 words), or (b) requested as a live session for over 60 minutes, please complete the form below for a quotation.

Additional information

Narration Voice Over Services

Up to 1 finished hour, > 1 and up to 2 finished hours, > 2 and up to 3 finished hours, > 3 and up to 4 finished hours, > 4 and up to 5 finished hours, > 5 and up to 6 finished hours, > 6 and up to 7 finished hours, > 7 and up to 8 finished hours, > 8 and up to 9 finished hours, > 9 and up to 10 finished hours, > 10 and up to 11 finished hours

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