Calling all witches and wizards – if you’ve long been waiting for your very own acceptance letter to arrive, then wait no longer!

What you will receive:
• Personalized Hogwarts acceptance letter
• Personalized Hogwarts Envelope, closed with a real wax Hogwarts seal
• Platform 9 3/4 Hogwarts Express train ticket
• List of requirements and supplies.
• FREE Priority 2-3 day shipping

Printed on Premium Parchment Paper.

How to Personalize your item :
(Please provide the following in the “notes to seller” section or through message to seller)

Letter : How would you like the name to appear on letter (e.g. Dear Mr. or Mrs. First and/or Last Name) 

Envelope : Name (e.g. Mr. H. Potter)
Room (e.g. The cupboard under the stairs or customize to the recipient)
1st line of address (e.g. 4 Privet Drive)
2nd line (e.g. Little Whinging)
3rd line (e.g. Surrey)
Any questions or special requests please do not hesitate to message me. If you miss ‘notes to seller’ at checkout, don’t worry, I will contact you to get the information.

The outer envelope will be addressed to you, NOT the personalized address.

Your letter package will arrive in a non-descript envelope to ensure the gift recipient doesn’t know the contents. The letter can then be presented to them at your leisure.

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