It’s the night before Christmas, and someone has kidnapped the big red lobsterman! Can you solve the mystery in time to save Christmas? Or will the Pumpkin King take over the holiday forever? It’s up to you to figure out who kidnapped Sandy Claws, where he was hidden and what item was used. Join Jack, Sally, Dr Finkelstein, Oogie Boogie, the Mayor and Lock, Shock & Barrel as you travel around the board, explore nine Halloween Town locations and eliminate evidence, piece by piece, from your investigation. This special edition of Cluedo features six custom item tokens: Bear Trap, Zombie Duck, Present, Frog’s Breath, Bathtub and Christmas Wreath, and includes a deck of Personality cards, Rumour cards and Intrigue cards to mix up the gameplay with festive surprises. Will all your Christmas wishes come true, or will you get a Halloween nightmare instead? It’s time to find out, so choose your favourite character, roll the dice and race to save the day!

  • The Classic Mystery Board Game sees you explore Halloween Town to find clues and solve the frightful mystery of the missing Sandy Claws!
  • Pick between your favourite characters including Jack Skellington, Sally and Oogie Boogie, enter special locations like the cemetery, the toy workshop and Dr. Finkelstein’s laboratory and uncover the sinister truth
  • This officially-licensed Cluedo is spooky fun for the entire family as you try to uncover who kidnapped Sandy Claws, where he was hidden, and what item was used!
  • Was it Lock, Shock & Barrel in Jack’s House with the Bathtub? Or the Mayor at the Halloween Town Hall with the Christmas Wreath?


The Nightmare Before Christmas
Character Series:
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Jack Skellington

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