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  • ATENDIT IS UNIQUE! There’s plenty of reminder systems out there, but nothing like atendit! Our motion triggered Bluetooth sensor is what makes atendit unique. Use the atendit sensor and free App for iPhone together to create and receive Just-In-Time Customized Reminders and Home Security Alerts.
  • THE ATENDIT SENSOR (the size of a couple of quarters) mounts with removable tape (provided) to any type of door, e.g., front, garage, apartment, refrigerator, medicine cabinet, mailbox, etc. When the door is moved you receive your customized Reminder or Alert.
  • CUSTOMIZED HOME REMINDERS: for example “bring your coffee mug” or “leave water out for the dog”, reminders you will receive just as you are leaving home. atendit can also remind you to bring an umbrella if there is rain in the forecast (it checks the forecast for you).
  • HOME SECURITY: Use atendit to set up Home Security alerts on your iPhone to receive alerts when someone tries to open the door or window to your house/apartment.
  • CUSTOM REMINDERS AND ALERTS: All Reminders and Home Security Alerts are totally customizable! They can be set up based on time range, day of the week, and/or date range. Once the door or window (OR anything you want to monitor) is moved, you will receive your Reminder or Alert immediately on your iPhone.


Use atendit to get Just In Time Customize Reminders when you open the door

When You Leave the House Remember To:


  • Bring your mask
  • Bring your coffee mug
  • Leave fresh water for the dog
  • OR Anything you want to be reminded to bring or do before you leave


When You Return Back Home Remember To:


  • Wash your hands
  • Turn on the oven for dinner
  • Put the laundry in the dryer
  • OR Anything you want to be reminded of when you arrive back home

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