If you can visualize it,
if you can dream it,
there’s some way

to do it.”

~Walt Disney

Project Funding Opportunities

Among my passions is to enable creative initiatives that yield benefits to both the content creator (artist) and the audience. Mosaic Sounds by Michelle Marie can bridge this gap in a very important way: provide professional voice over services for media creator projects (i.e., audiobook, educational video, charitable message, animation, etc.) when minimal funding is available. In short, projects that may not have otherwise reached an audience, can now more easily do so, benefitting both the creator and the audience.

Creators: Funding

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Are you a media content creator who: (1) requires professional voice overs services for your project, (2) is looking to minimize your project costs due to limited funding, and (3) believes the services provided by Mosaic Sounds can meet your project needs? If so, consider applying for 100% funded voice over services, by clicking the link below.

Before you submit for funding:

  • Consider the length of the finished product, as shorter projects may be more easily funded.
  • Consider the project needs as it relates to the voice characteristics needed and whether they align with that of Mosaic Sounds.
  • Consider the objective and genre of the project, as different objectives/genres may interest patrons differently, which will be especially important for repeat funding.
  • Understand that agreement to patron recognition, and producer recognition for more engaged contributors, will be required as part of accepting project funding.
  • Understand that patrons should have the benefit of experiencing the final project before it goes public, even if only a few hours in advance, as a primary benefit of project funding. Agreement to providing Mosaic Sounds with a link to the project (shared securely via Patreon) will be required as part of project funding.
  • The project is always yours! If at any time you prefer to go a different direction, it is important for you, as the creator, to do so. With this, you agree to not use any of the materials created by Mosaic Sounds.

Go for it! We look forward to working with you soon.

Patrons: Donating

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Are you looking for one way to support media content creators, get support recognition, and early access to their projects?

Consider joining Mosaic Sounds by Michelle Marie on Patreon, where the mission is to help creators reduce project costs via funded voice over services, which can help to better position their projects for successful completion. (This may also help creators with extending their current budgets for future projects.) Mosaic Sounds provides all of the studio, recording, and editing services, while your membership supports the time it takes to put it all together.

  • There are different tiers of funding and engagement, based on your interests and resources. Depending on your membership tier, you will:
    • Be recognized for your level of support by the creator
    • Have decision-making privileges concerning project selection
    • Be given access to assist in project prioritization, including referrals
    • Have early access to the final project, as decided by the creator
    • Get “studio insiders” about voice acting, studio building, leadership, small business endeavors, and more.

Click the Patreon link below to get started. The more who join and contribute, the more support that can be provided to these creators. The more creator support there is, the more content that can reach the audiences.

Project Funding Request Form